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My philosophy is to help you not only look more vibrant but to also feel more energized, less stressed, better focused, optimize your digestion after a meal, sleep better and have a more positive outlook on life. I will formulate a plan unique to YOU based on your symptoms and requirements.


Book now with me for a personal virtual one-on-one Nutritional Consultation using Face Time or Zoom.

These sessions are an assessment of your overall health looking at all body systems to put your body in a balanced state. The follow-ups and recommendations will support you to attain optimum health. It allows you to make gradual changes to fit your lifestyle as slow and steady wins the race! 


Initial Nutritional 


1 Hour Online Session

$90 + HST




45 minute Online Session

$65 + HST 


3-Session Package

3 Online Sessions

(45 minutes - 1 hour each)  

$190 + HST

To book, please email with your preferred time and date to:

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